Your local gas supplier for all your LP gas needs!

If you’re looking for LPG for your home that offers convenience and efficiency, go with Supagas’ domestic 45kg LPG gas cylinders! Used for heating, hot water systems, and cooking; our 45kg LPG are delivered free of charge to most areas and our famous customer service… well that comes standard! Supagas – it’s Supagas’ can-do attitude that sets us apart from the rest.

eLynx at Beef Expo 2017

eLynx – Technology Meets Farming

StockMate is eLynx’s powerful new livestock and paddock management App for Graziers and Backgrounders. The tablet based app records all animal movements together with weight and treatment history, pregnancies, fodder levels and environmental data.

Selected Seeds

World leaders in the tropical forage seed industry

With over 40 years’ experience, Selected Seeds can provide the quality seed needed to help farmers increase production and make better returns. Selected Seeds identified the need to develop cultivars with quality attributes such as fine stem, high leaf to stem ratio, high yield, high salt tolerance and aggressive spreading habits. Linking forage quality and animal nutrition, Selected Seeds has now expanded its focus and is dedicated to cultivating protein production globally.

Crowe Horwath – Event Partner

Australian Events are pleased to announce that leading agribusiness advisers, Crowe Horwath, have partnered with the Queensland Beef Expo and Farming Field Days.

The partnership ensures leading agribusiness advice is available at the Queensland Beef Expo. With years of collective farming and advice background, the Crowe Horwath team can provide expert service to assist agribusiness in surviving and thriving in one of Australia’s most vital industries.

Maine-Anjou Society

The Maine –Anjou breed was founded in 1839 when the French Mancelle was crossed with the Durham – the purpose to provide an efficient beef breed using the successful traits of the two breeds. In 1908 the success of the breed was assured so the Breeders formed a Society and named the breed Maine-Anjou. The name was derived from the region where the breed was started, which was where the Mayenne and Loire rivers meet in the Anjou Valley in France. Since 1908 the Maine-Anjou breed has made its way to Canada, United States, New Zealand and finally Australia in 1973. Because of its adaptability to Australia’s harsh weather conditions it can now be found in all States and Territories of our vast country.

Flying AG

Flying Ag Australia is a technology company with strong connections to Australian agriculture and is committed to helping farmers and growers improve on-farm practices by using unmanned aerial systems to monitor crop production in real time.


The first food supply chain app that connects the whole meat and livestock industry seamlessly.

Imagine being able to track the journey of a piece of beef, from the day it was born on the farm to the moment it lands on the customer’s plate.

Lucas Mill

The team at Lucas Mill are committed to helping you choose the best portable sawmill to ensure that you achieve great results.

With our close knit team of experienced technical and sales staff, Lucas Mill can promise you exceptional service at every level.

360 Tanks

At 360Tanks, our mission is to give our customers peace of mind through a reliable and affordable remote stock water monitoring service. It can be stressful not knowing if your stock have enough water, especially during times of high temperature and between water runs. Water levels in tanks can drop rapidly as animal demand spikes or in the event of equipment failure. Ensuring a reliable stock water supply is a time consuming and demanding task.

KBV Simmental Stud

KBV Simmental Stud is a stud operation run under commercial conditions located just outside of Toowoomba at Murphys Creek. Their goal is to not only raise Simmental cattle, but to also produce superior genetics that breeders from around the world would seek to acquire.

Performance Feeds

Performance Feeds is the largest and most recognised supplier of liquid supplements to Australia’s feedlot and gazing sector.

Performance Feeds maintains a leading position in the country’s highly competitive liquid supplement market for grazing livestock.

Advantage Feeders

Our vision at Advantage Feeders is to help livestock farmers double meat production with the same level of inputs.

Our mission: Through continual research and development, we strive to provide livestock farmers with the world’s best controlled feeding products, knowledge and systems that allow them to achieve the highest return on investment.

Queensland Windmill & Solar

Queensland Windmill and Solar has been operating since 1995 as a windmill and bore repair business, using the name Queensland Windmill Service. It has had extensive experience in equipping bores, mainly with windmills, and in the installation, maintenance and repairs of pumping and irrigation equipment.

Now Buildings

We are a proud Australian family-owned business with more than 30 years of combined experience within the industry. Our experience has allowed us to develop a unique, innovative, easy-to-build, strong shed system; this system has seen us become Australia’s leading wholesale shed company, supplying trade, businesses and farmers direct with massive savings off medium to large shed purchases.

RPM Australia-Pacific

RPM Australia-Pacific Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of livestock and rural equipment. Situated in the heart of the Lockyer Valley, an area renowned for its rural industry, RPM has been listening to the man on the land for the past 22 years.

David Evans Group

The company was established in 1951 by the late David Evans. The business continues to run today with many of the values he operated with, a focus on strong customer service, a broad range of machinery and spare parts and respect for customers and their needs.

Dom Distribution

DOM Distribution is the exclusive Australian supplier for Patz stationary, trailer and truck-mounted TMR vertical feed mixers and liquid manure handling products. Patz innovative products do more than solve every day problems, they maximise output and save your operation money.


Fieldquip has a wide range of Reach Mowers, Flail Mowers, Crop Shredders, Finishing Mowers and Wide Area Slashers.

Fieldquip manufactures and provides implements you can rely on, year in year out. Our aim is to provide quality, versatile products that are safe and easy to use and loaded with features our clients want.

Toowoomba Showgrounds, Glenvale Road, Toowoomba

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