eLynx at Beef Expo 2017

eLynx – Technology Meets Farming

StockMate is eLynx’s powerful new livestock and paddock management App for Graziers and Backgrounders. The tablet based app records all animal movements together with weight and treatment history, pregnancies, fodder levels and environmental data. It links to the NLIS database and even calculates and predicts performance based on average daily weight gains. The tablet can be used off-line and syncs with a secure cloud based management console which generates a raft of exceptionally powerful reports.

StockMate is a powerful electronic paddock book that records the movements of all livestock under management. It records mob movements and splits; facilitates drafting decisions based on weight, cattle class, gender or other attributes and summarises paddock and property dispositions on graphs and via the StockMate property mapping interface. The ‘Find Animal’ tool even allows users to key in a management tag number or EID and bring up the full animal history in an instance!

StockMate interfaces with a range of RFID readers, weigh scale indicators and other crush-side hardware with the result that producers can monitor performance and weight gain; identify underperforming stock; record pregnancies; set up complex gate and drafting rules and meet traceability requirements associated with Australia’s Red Meat Integrity Systems (NLIS, NVD, LPA etc).

The application can work with producers of all sizes. It meets the needs of large corporate pastoral enterprises and is affordable for Mum and Dad operators. It is designed for single or multi-property contexts with multiple devices and users and caters for complex management models. The Android App allows workers to record rainfall and temperature data; fodder types and levels for each paddock; append notes and photos to animal and paddock records and can be used concurrently by multiple users in different locations and on different properties.

The website management interface generates a range of custom reports designed to meet the requirements of producers of all sizes. From Stock on Hand to paddock reports, performance reports based on Average Daily Gain, to summary reports based on breed, gender, mob/lot or cattle type, users find the system powerful and easy to setup and use. It even predicts exit dates and exit weights for individual or mobs of cattle of different classes.

Pricing is scalable, depending on the numbers of cattle under management. This means it is affordable regardless of size. eLynx has support staff located across the country and has an exceptional 20-year heritage in the provision of livestock management systems to Australia’s Intensive Livestock Industries.

To find out more about this innovative technology visit Stock Mate or eLynx online. eLynx will also be at the 2017 Queensland Beef Expo at site P329, stop by and chat with the team about their latest technologies.

Toowoomba Showgrounds, Glenvale Road, Toowoomba

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